Men spend 458 minutes a month on wireless, women – 453 minutes

Men average 458 minutes of monthly wireless phone usage, and women average 453 minutes. The largest historical gaps since the survey’s inception in 2001 were in 2002, when men averaged 589 minutes and women talked only 394 minutes, and in 2005, when men averaged 571 minutes and women talked only 424 minutes. AT&T survey results also indicate that 45% of wireless subscribers use the text- messaging features on their device and 44% use the camera feature; 17% of subscribers play games on their wireless device and 11% access wireless e-mail. Women use the gaming, camera and text-messaging features more frequently, and men use their device for wireless e-mail and accessing the Internet more frequently than women. Both men and women continue to use cell phones more than home phones on average (455 minutes compared with 394 minutes), a trend that began in 2005. Women, on average, spend more time on home phones than men; women talk for 532 minutes compared with only 237 minutes for men.