Major holiday shopping sites: Amazon, eBay, iVillage

Claria analyzed the online behavior of mlns of Web users, monitoring traffic from Sep 1 to Nov 1 among consumers who viewed retailing sites in the apparel, books, toys, flowers, gifts, jewelry, cosmetics, and fitness and nutrition categories. They found out that 66% of Web users prefer to purchase holiday gifts online, up 12% from last season. Of those who shop online for holiday gifts, 70% of survey respondents do so because of convenience, while 61% shop online to avoid crowds. The number of respondents researching product and pricing information online before buying online (56%), grew 8% over last year. 80% of respondents said they will research holiday gifts online before buying either in stores or online. 52% of Web users will begin shopping more than 30 days before Christmas. captures the most viewers and 10% of total traffic for major retailing sites; eBay followed with 9.7% and iVillage with 7%. 91% of respondents said they will buy holiday gifts this season and when asked how much they plan to spend online, 66% said that they would spend $100 or more this season.