Least favorite places to wait: doctor’s office, DMV, grocery store, airport

Americans most dread waiting in lines at the doctor’s office (27%) and the Department of Motor Vehicles (26%), followed by the grocery store (18%) and the airport (14%), according to Opinion Research Corporation. Americans dislike waiting in lines, but the following behaviors make it worse – slow/inefficient cashiers (23%), someone changing their mind about an item that has been rung up (19%) and someone who leaves the line to run back for an item (19%). One-third of Americans (32%) get frustrated after waiting in line for 10 minutes or less. Half of Americans (52%) take the stairs instead of waiting for an elevator. One-third of Americans will drive fast (35%), bring other things to do while waiting in line (33%) or buy fewer items to use the express lane (30%). Also, one-quarter of Americans use a fast pass on the highway (24%).