LCDs lead with 60% in Autralian monitor market

In Q2 2004 the Australian total PC monitor market grew by a sound 12.8% sequentially in unit shipments. The share of LCD monitors in the overall market has almost achieved a 60/40 split of LCD versus CRT sales. In the branded monitor market the LCD share was even greater with 61.5% of unit shipments during Q2 2004. A key point for the total LCD market in Q2 2004 was the market share decline of the 15” size category, which dropped by 6.9% sequentially despite the overall LCD market growing by 26.3% over this same period. The shortages on 15” LCD displays coupled with the decline in prices for 17” displays saw the larger size grow to make up 55.5% of all LCDs sold in the second quarter. These trends indicate that the 17” size is on its way to replacing the 15” LCD size as the new entry level LCD monitor for the Australian market.

Top five vendors (branded market): Samsung 17.5%, LG 16.0%, Philips 13.7%, BenQ 11.5%, Acer 11.0%, Others 30.3%.