Kazaa Web site traffic down 71%, LimeWire up 1876% in February 2005

Media Life Magazine publishes the results of February 2005 survey by comScore Media Metrix. comScore measured visits to the Web sites of popular peer-to-peer applications. This would not accurately reflect the download or usage activity of the P2P apps, but would provide an estimate of where the users are headed. ComScore Networks numbers from February show visits to five P2P sites such as Kazaa, LimeWire and WinMX slipped by a 36.8 percent versus February 2004, from 30.86 million to just under 19.50 million. For the same period, comScore numbers show visits to the top 10 retail music sites were up 8 percent, from 24.42 million to 26.44 million. ComScore numbers include people using the internet at home, at work and at college and university locations.

Visits to peer-to-peer sites

Rank Site Visitors, 000
Feb. 2004
Visitors, 000
Feb. 2005
Change, %
1 KaZaa Media Desktop 20,111 5,825 -71%
2 WinMX 5,808 5,606 -3%
3 LimeWire 221 4,368 1876%
4 Kazaa Lite 3,438 2,055 -40%
5 BearShare 1,277 1,643 29%
Source: comScore Media Metrix