Internet users are ok with banner ads, hate interstitials and video

26% rated online banner ads “Very Positive or “Somewhat Positive,” while 61% were “Neutral.” For skyscrapers, 25.4% of respondents were very positive or somewhat positive, and 23.1% for pop-in between ads or interstitials. On the flip side, for intersitials, 56% of respondents were somewhat negative or very negative with regard to the format. On ads with audio, only 15.3% of respondents were very positive or somewhat positive, while 62.8% had negative associations. With regard to large rectangles or squares that sit in the corner or center of a Web page, consumers were overwhelmingly negative – 62.4%. Only 26.4% of them were neutral toward the seemingly harmless rectangle. Most notable, however, was the finding that 74.6% of respondents had negative associations with video ads, versus 14.1% who were neutral and 10% who were positive. Out-of-frame ads, or animations that scoot over and around the page, scored 4.7% positive, versus 84% negative.