Internet ad revenues reached $9.6 bln in 2004

Internet Advertising Bureau said that Internet ad revenue of $9.6 bln in 2004 compared with ad revenue in 2003 of $7.27 bln and exceeded the previous revenue record of 2000 by nearly 20%. Q4 2004 revenue grew to $2.69 bln, the highest level for a three-month period. eMarketer predicted online ad growth of 33.7% in 2005 to $12.7 bln, raising a previous estimate of $11.5 bln for the year. eMarketer had estimated 2004 ad revenue at $9.5 bln.

Paid search listing revenue jumped 40% to $3.9 bln, display advertising such as banners rose 19% to $1.8 bln and rich media such as video ads grew 10% to just under $1 bln, according to the IAB. Online classified ads grew 18% to $1.7 bln.