In the US the main reason for not getting VOIP is lack of reliance on telephone

Harris Interactive asked US and UK respondents regarding their reasons against VOIP.

Why customers are not interested in VOIP

Reason US GB
I will always prefer to use my landline 28 42
I mainly use my mobile/cell phone for my calls 29 19
I suspect voice quality might suffer 8 3
I don’t make many calls so my current service is sufficient 40 49
I am concerned about security of internet connections 11 10
I wouldn’t trust my ISP to provide a voice call service 4 3
To set up and use the service seems too complicated 6 7
I feel Internet connections are too unreliable 6 6
I want my fixed line provider to use an Internet connection
and pass on the cost savings without needing a second line
4 7
I already have enough hassle keeping track
of multiple bills without another from my ISP
16 19
I won’t trust this service until
I know there is strict regulation
7 9
I don’t want to talk to my computer 35 28
I fear this will make my computer
more vulnerable to hackers
16 17
I don’t trust this service to ‘catch on’
and don’t want to be guinea pig
4 3
The service might not work in a power failure situation 12 4
Service might not support emergency calls 11 2
Other 5 4
Nothing would deter me from using this potential service 2 3
Source: Harris Interactive