In Q1 2006 China added 3.7 mln new broadband subscribers, US added 3.3 mln

The Asia-Pacific region still claims by far the largest share of all broadband lines, accounting for 40% of the world’s 229.0 mln broadband lines in Q1 2006. But despite impressive growth rates in China, India and Vietnam, its majority share is under constant threat from buoyant broadband markets in the countries of Eastern and Central European as well as Northern Africa. In keeping with globalisation, around 15 companies and groups contributed 50% of all the broadband net additions in Q1 2006. China Telecom came top, followed by the Deutsche Telekom Group.

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China once again pulled ahead of the USA. In Q4 2005, both countries acquired 2.5 mln new subscribers, but Q1 2006 saw the gap re-established, with China adding 3.7 mln and the USA 3.3 mln. India has not yet reached these heights, nonetheless its growth rate is striking. In Q1 2006, broadband subscribers grew by 56.8% to pass the 1.0 mln threshold, whereas DSL growth carried mainly by (Bharti and BSNL) contributed the lion share of net additions – 0.5 mln.