In 2009 online real estate ads will surpass newspaper real estate ads

According to the Borrell Associates, at any given time 1% of the adult population is actively seeking a home that they will purchase within the next 12 months. In April 2005, nearly 20% of the US population had visited a real estate site. $11.4 bln will be spent on real estate ads, up just 2.2% from in 2004. In 2005, online ad sales will hit $1.8 bln, for a 15.7% share of ad dollars. If the trends continue, by 2009 the online media share will surpass that of the long-time leader, newspapers. Online advertising spent per home sold has already reached $210, more than one-third of the newspaper ad spend. In 2005 real estate advertisers will spend more than $500 mln on paid search listings.