In 2009 70% of smartphones will have Bluetooth

ARC Group expects sales of high-end smartphones to reach 14.7 mln units in 2004, representing 53% of total smartphone sales. During the next five years, low-end smartphone sales will grow slowly from 12.90 mln units in 2004 to 44.5 mln units in 2009, as many of the functions they offer are incorporated into standard feature phones. At the same time, demand for high-end smartphones will continue to grow steadily, so that their share of the smartphone market will increase to 64.5% in 2009, which represents figure sales of 80.5 mln units.

Future Mobile Computing finds that Bluetooth is mainly embedded in smartphones targeting the European market where Bluetooth is popular. However, Bluetooth capable smartphones are less popular in North America and even less so in Asia Pacific with the exception of Japan. Shipments of smartphones with built-in Bluetooth will grow from 2 mln units in 2003 to more than 6 mln units in 2004. ARC Group expects shipments of Bluetooth smartphones to reach 87.5 mln units totalling about 70% of the smartphone market.

Sales of WLAN devices are expected to grow only slightly over the next two years to reach 1.27 units worldwide by 2005. It is anticipated that after 2005, sales of WLAN smartphones will increase significantly to reach 18.75 mln units by 2009, which will represent 15% of total smartphone sales.