in 2008 80 mln US households will have a PC, 46 mln will have two or more

Parks Associates sent us its forecasts for the PC, Internet services and data networking ownership in the US. An estimated 73 mln US households had at least one PC at year-end 2003; this will surpass 80 mln by year-end 2008. An estimated 35 mln US households had two or more PCs at year-end 2003; this will grow to 46 mln by year-end 2008. More than 64 mln US households had Internet services at the end of 2003; this will grow to 74 mln by year-end 2008. 13 mln US households used home data networking solutions at year-end 2003; this will grow to more than 30 mln by year-end 2008. Wireless data networking nodes will account for more than one-half of all data network nodes installed in 2008.

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