In 2007 50 mln Europeans will have broadband

DSL broadband technology (in most cases under 1 Mbps, inconstant and asymmetrical) is currently growing in Europe, USA and Asia. Spain will have 6 mln DSL connections by the end of 2006 according to Telefonica de Espana. The price drop due to pressure from the regulators, competition between operators and competition between technologies are making this growth possible. Western Europe will have almost 50 mln broadband internet accesses in 2007, compared to the current 18.7 mln homes with high-speed, which means an average increase of 36% yearly, according to a study carried out by IDC.

The estimates are mainly based on the predictable growth of DSL and cable networks, technologies which do not provide the necessary bandwidth to offer some of the main value-added services society demands, added to the fact that the investment necessary to provide the service continues to be very high and the delays on return rates are very long.