In 2005 8% of American Internet users paid for digital music, in 2006 – 23%

As digital music players grow in popularity, so do the number of Americans who download music from the Internet, Solutions Research Group says. Nearly half of all American Internet users (45%) downloaded music at some point in the past from pay sites or p2p sources, up from 31% only a year ago. Number of Americans who paid for a song download also increased significantly due to the digital music player boom. In 2005, only 8% of Internet users paid for digital music online at some point. In 2006, this was up significantly to 23% (translating to an estimated 39 mln people 12+). Consistent with above-average growth in their use of digital music players, three times as many female Internet users are now regular paid downloaders of music (14% of women Internet users paid for a song online in the past month in 2006 versus only 4% in 2005).