IDC: Notebook sales 1H 2003

Through the first half of the year, Apple shipped 650,000 of its iBook and PowerBook notebook computers, accounting for more than 40% of its PC sales. Notebook sales are up sharply this year across the entire industry, with the number of laptops sold expected to climb 16% to 35 M. Analysts see it jumping another 20% next year. In the year ended June 30, notebook-sales leader Hewlett-Packard shipped 5.3 M notebooks, up from 4.4 M a year earlier (that figure includes sales at Compaq before it was merged into H-P). H-P’s top rival, Dell, saw its notebook sales climb to 5 M units from 3.9 M in the same period. The situation is similar with the rest of the top five notebook sellers, according to IDC. Toshiba’s notebook sales grew to 4.4 M units from 3.7 M, IBM edged up to 3 M from 2.7 M , and Fujitsu Siemens’ sales climbed to 2.3 M from 1.9 M.

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