IDC lowers 2005 PC growth forecast to 9.7%

Despite strong growth in Q4 and the rest of 2004, delayed recovery in Japan and a cautious outlook in the United States have led to slightly lower expectations for worldwide PC shipments in 2005. The updated forecast from IDC lowers growth in total worldwide PC shipments for 2005 from 10.1% (quoted in November 2004 release) to 9.7%. The good news is that demand is likely to shift into later years and the growth forecast remains above 8% through the end of 2009. Total shipments are expected to reach 195.4 mln in 2005 on growth of 9.7% with total shipment value growing by 5.3% to $209 bln. Shipments are projected to reach 273 mln in 2009 with a value of $245 bln.