IDC: Cell phone sales 2003-2007

Growth in the mobile phone sector will remain strong through 2004, surpassing 500 million units, according to a new report released today (Sept. 4) by research firm IDC (Framingham, Mass.).

IDC is predicting handset sales worldwide to achieve an 8 percent growth over 2004. One reason for the growth is increased shipments of 2.5G and 3G products. IDC predicts that the amount of 2.5G phones shipped to market will reach more than 241 million units, equating to a 42 percent growth over 2003. The agency also sees 3G phone shipments hitting 48 million units in 2004, which equates to a 140-percent growth over 2003.

Not surprisingly, camera phones will also be a big driver for mobile phone growth. Since entering the market in 2003, these phones have been big hits with consumers. The camera phone craze isn’t slowing. IDC expects camera phone shipments to increase 64 percent in 2004, reaching nearly 100 million units.

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