How consumers evaluate mobile phones: design (24%), operation (22%), features (20%)

Overall satisfaction among wireless mobile phone owners has increased 4% when compared to 2005, marking the second time customer satisfaction has increased significantly in the past three times the study has been conducted, according to the J.D. Power and Associates. Overall satisfaction with wireless handsets is measured based on performance in five key factors. In order of importance, they are: physical design (24%), operation (22%), features (20%), handset durability (19%) and battery function (15%).

Customer satisfaction ratings have increased most significantly from 2005 in phone operation (increasing 5%), specifically in areas related to ease of use, such as ease of phone navigation, clarity of text on the display screen and understanding how to operate the handset when purchased. Satisfaction with the features included with the phone has also risen significantly (5%), mainly based on higher ratings from customers for Internet features and the variety of services/features offered.