Heavy gamers more interested in Wii than PS3

According to MPD Group, males and those under age 35 are the most passionate about the overall features of the next generation systems but Heavy Gamers, those who spend the most time and money on video games, are more likely than all other segments to emphasize the importance of these systems having appealing game titles, backward compatibility, wireless controllers, Wi-Fi capability, and the ability to play online. Infrequent and Secondary gamers, as well as Prefer Portable gamers, have expressed an interest in purchasing a next-gen system – all above 40% for the PS3 and Wii. Heavy Gamers show a stronger interest in purchasing a Wii than a PS3, 79% and 70%, respectively, among those aware of each system. However, among those interested in purchasing only one of the Next Gen systems, the majority (62%) are interested only in purchasing a PS3.