Half of Mac users and 16% of PC users buy music online

According to NPD, in Q3 2007 half of all Mac users had paid to download music tracks from sites like iTunes, but just 16% of PC owners had done so. And while Mac users were more likely to pay to download digital music than their PC-using counterparts, they were also more likely to purchase CDs. Unit-volume sales share for Apple computers increased from nearly 6% in 2006 to almost 9% in 2007 (January through October). Overall, more than 32% of Mac users report purchasing CDs in Q3 2007, compared to just 28% of PC users. In addition to purchasing CDs and downloading music, Mac users are also more likely to listen to music and watch videos on their MP3-players and computers. While 34% of Mac users had uploaded music to their MP3 players, just 16% of PC users had done the same. Mac users are also much more likely to listen to music files on their computers (56%) than are PC users (31%).