GSM growth around the world

GSM is the technology selected by 43% of all new digital wireless customers in the Americas, making it the #1 choice of all mobile technologies — after showing substantial growth for the second quarter of 2003. 3G Americas reports a year of solid growth for GSM in the Western Hemisphere, topping the charts with a 78% annual growth rate from June 2002 to June 2003, the highest annual growth of any mobile technology.

GSM grew 132% in Latin America and the Caribbean in a one-year period as of June 2003. Brazil alone added one million new GSM customers in the second quarter and a total of 1.5 million new customers from the beginning of the year, representing nearly half of the new mobile customers in the country, with TDMA as a close second and CDMA a distant third place. Mexico reached 1.5 million GSM customers as of June 2003, with GSM as the #1 wireless choice in Mexico in second quarter 2003, representing 66% of all new mobile customers in the country. In the same quarter, 16.7% of new mobile customers in Mexico respectively selected TDMA or CDMA.

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