Graphics cards up 37.3% in 2006

The workstation market showed continued strength, with vendors shipping roughly 623 thousand workstations, accounting for about $1.5 bln in revenue. YTY quarterly volume was up 17% and revenue up 10.5%, Jon Peddie Research says. Results for the closely coupled professional graphics market were similarly stronger, with units up 37.3% to 869.1 thousand and revenue up 15.4% to $284.1 mln. Dell held on to its top position as workstation vendor, with a 41% market share (units). And Intel stayed dominant as the primary platform supplier, represented in roughly 92% of machines shipped. ATI’s share of workstation graphics hardware declined in Q3 to 19.1%, down from 24.4% in the previous quarter, while Nvidia (77.8%) retained dominance in the market. The drop begged the question as to if – and how much – AMD’s Q3 acquisition of ATI adversely affected the latter’s market position.