Google averages 9c of earnings from each search query

John Battelle quotes Majestic Research and comScore Networks reporting on pay-per-click performance at Google.

98% of Google revenues are from paid search. 65% of revenues are domestic. Q3 2004 domestic growth driven by 7% QTQ increase in paid clicks, to $964 mln, and a 2% QTQ increase in average price per click, to 5%. Average CPC: 54 cents, up a cent QTQ. Revenue per query grew 8.3% QTQ to 9 cents. Overall US searches grew 6% QTQ, Google-powered searches grew by 0.2%. In Q2 2004, 51.9% of all searches on the Google Network included at least one paid listing. Of those, 32% include at least one paid introduction. That’s nearly 17% of all searches ending up with a click on a paid link.