Global WLAN hardware sales up 3% QTQ in Q2 2004

Worldwide WLAN hardware revenue reached $719.5 mln in Q2 2004, up 3% from Q1 2004, and will grow 9% to $786.2 mln by Q2 2005, according to Infonetics Research’s quarterly market share service, Wireless LAN APs, Switches and NICs. The analysts say competition further eroded ASPs and Cisco took top share of market revenues. Worldwide unit growth continues at a solid pace, up 17% from Q1 2004 to 7.9 mln, as the key driver for WLAN products, data mobility, remains strong across all segments. Fierce vendor competition continues to erode ASPs, resulting in considerably faster unit shipment growth than revenue growth: Units will grow 131% and revenue 39% between 2003 and 2007.