Global enterprise mobility solutions market to bring in $16.5 bln in 2004

VDC estimates the global enterprise mobility solutions market – including mobile devices, software, services and WLAN infrastructure – to exceed $16.5 bln in 2004. The market is forecast to reach $23.7 bln by 2008, growing by almost 10% compounded annually. The global market for mobile devices supporting enterprise mobility applications – including rugged and commercial grade units – is expected to reach $9.0 bln on unit shipments of 8.0 mln. The total mobile device market is expected to reach $12.3 bln by 2008, representing a compound annual growth of 7.3%. Reflecting continued price erosion and changes to form factor mix, annual unit shipments are forecast to at a higher rate of 11.9%.

VDC estimates the 2004 market for WLAN infrastructure supporting enterprise mobility applications at over $670 mln. Driven by the availability of more robust enterprise system management tools and application proliferation in emerging segments such as health care and enterprise campuses, annual growth is expected to exceed 20% through 2008. Software and services is expected to account for over 40% of the total enterprise mobility budget, reaching $6.8 bln in 2004. Demand for integrated system and device management, maintenance and wireless deployment services are expected to drive revenues as mobility applications mature. The global enterprise mobility software and service market is expected to reach $10 bln by 2008.