French PC market grew 9.6% in Q1 2008

French PC market started the year at a healthy pace, with shipments recording 9.6% YOY growth in Q1 2008. Strong notebook sales drove overall market dynamics, especially in the consumer and SMB space, contributing to a 30.2% rise in total portable shipments, with further momentum created by the Eee PC launch. The desktop market remained lackluster with sales declining by 9.7%, due to the sustained shift to mobility. However, corporate desktop sales showed robust 18.4% growth, reflecting healthy enterprise renewal activity. IDC expects the second half of 2008 to continue to be driven by the continued transition to mobility, multi-equipment purchases in the home, and declining price points across all segments, which should lead to an increase in overall PC shipments by 10.8% for 2008 over 2007, according to IDC.