For 85.2% of US companies more than 90% of revenues come from credit cards

85.2% of all chain retailers, catalog companies, consumer brand manufacturers, virtual merchants and consumer service companies say that credit card transactions account for more than 90% of their total sales. In contrast, only 9.4% report that credit cards represent less than 80% of their total sales. Among chain retailers, 83.2% say that more than 90% of all online sales are paid for by credit card, compared with 82.1% for catalogers, 88.5% for virtual merchants, 86.6% for consumer brand manufacturers and 63.7% for consumer service companies, Internet Retailer survey found.

While almost 60% of all web retailing organizations pay a discount rate that averages between 2% and 2.9% per transaction, 22% pay a lower discount rate of 1% to 1.9% while a small group, 2%, pays a credit card discount rate of more than 5%. In addition to a discount rate, 81.2% of retailers pay their third-party processors an additional fee such as a monthly service charge or per-transaction fee.