For 52% of the networks the perimeter is the only defense

According to Preventsys and Qualys, 52% of chief information security officers acknowledged having a “Moat & Castle” approach to their overall network security. They admitted that once the perimeter security is penetrated, their networks are at risk. Yet, 48% consider themselves to be “proactive” when it comes to network security and feel that they have a good grasp on their enterprise’s security posture.

24% felt their security was akin to Fort Knox (it would take a small army to get through), while 10% compared their network security to Swiss cheese (security holes inside and out). The remaining 14% of respondents described their current network security as being locked down on the inside, but not yet completely secured to the outside. Preventsys and Qualys also found that 46% of security officers spend more than a third of their day, and in some cases as much as 7 hours, analyzing reports generated from their various security point solutions.