Flat panel TV spending to exceed $100 bln in 2007

Consumers will spend more than $100 bln worldwide on flat panel TVs (FPTV) during 2007, according to Strategy Analytics. Sales of flat panel LCD and plasma TVs will reach 73.7 mln units worldwide, generating retail revenues of $104.9 bln, an increase of 17%. HDTV is one of the major growth drivers: 71% of FPTV sales are now HD-ready. Plasma’s share continues to slip, from 17.1% by unit volume in 2006 to 15.8% in 2007. Ownership of FPTVs has now reached 41% of households in the US and 29% in Europe. Annual sales of FPTVs will reach 180 mln units by 2012, but that revenues will peak in 2009 at $130.4 bln before going into decline.