Flat panel display revenues up 15%

Flat panel display (FPD) revenues increased 15% QTQ and 16% YTY to 24.2 bln in Q2 2007. TFT LCD technologies generated 90.1% of this revenue with sales rising 18% QTQ and 24% YTY to $21.8 bln. PDP technology generated 4.8% of FPD sales, but PDP revenue fell 14% QTQ and 36% YTY to $1.2 bln for the quarter. OLED technologies generated 0.5% of FPD sales with revenue growth of 13% YTY to $0.1 bln. For 2007, DisplaySearch expects OLED revenues will exceed $0.7 bln. For 2008, DisplaySearch predicts OLED sales could more than double to $1.7 bln.