Firefox site visitors are 71% male

Nielsen//NetRatings reported that escalating interest in the FireFox browser garnered a 237% spike in unique visitors to the Web site from nine months ago when the site first met Nielsen//NetRatings’ minimum reporting levels in June 2004. More than 2.6 mln people visited the FireFox site during March 2005 to download the browser and obtain more information.

Males, often the early adopters of technology and gadgets, dominated FireFox’s site composition during the month of March 2005. Men accounted for 71% or nearly 1.9 mln site visitors, compared to the women who comprised of 29% or the minority population who visited in March 2005.

Traffic to, the site for the Mozilla Foundation credited with developing the FireFox browser, saw a 284% year-over-year growth to 4.1 mln unique visitors. When the latest version of FireFox launched in November 2004, drew its second largest audience with 3.4 mln unique visitors.