Firefox reached 28% in Europe by year-end 2007

XiTi Monitor reports that by December 2007 Firefox enjoyed 28% market share on European continent. Between November 2007 and December 2007, Firefox’s visit share increases in 90% of the European countries studied by XiTi Monitor, with Finland still in the lead. Mozilla Firefox’s use rate shows an evolution of +2% between November (27.3%) and December 2007 (28%) across Europe.

Estonia allows itself the greatest increase in points: from 35.4% in November to 37.3% in December 2007 (+2 points), followed by Slovenia (+1.6 points). Among the 32 countries studied, only 3 see Mozilla Firefox’s visit share decrease and in relatively minimal proportions: Denmark (-0.6 points), Ukraine (-0.3 points) and the Netherlands (-0.1 points). These last two countries are also those where Mozilla Firefox’s visit share is the lowest in Europe for December 2007. The leading trio in visit share remains unchanged: Finland with 45.4% precedes Slovenia (44.6%) and Poland (42.4%). Mozilla Firefox’s use rate in France (25.8%) remains lower to that of Europe, like that of Spain (21.5%).