Field-configurable standard product market to generate $476.9 mln in 2009

The Field-Configurable Standard Product (FCSP) market continues to be one of the few semiconductor product segments that consistently posts year-over-year dollar growth, even in down years, reports In-Stat. This market is forecast to grow from $92.8 mln in 2004 to $476.9 mln by 2009. FCSPs are typically high-volume, low-cost products, made for a wide variety of end-use applications. Communications, both wired and wireless segments, will dominate field-configurable standard product consumption, with the majority of applications being networking and telecom infrastructure, as well as a variety of wireless consumer-oriented products. Of the five major product field-configurable standard product categories defined – processor, DSP, PCI, SerDes, memory and other – the SerDes segment will represent the largest dollar segment. SRAM architecture will dominate FCSP shipments, followed by anti-fuse architecture. However, in the longer term, flash-based architecture will become dominant for size and cost reasons.