Factory automation tools market grew 97% in 2004

Factory automation tools revenues recovered in 2004 with a 97% increase, according to The Information Network. The merchant Robotic Sector was led by a 134% growth in the Vacum Robotics sector. The merchant Robotics Sector reached $637 mln in 2004 and is slated to drop 7.8% 2005 as fab construction takes a breather from the frenzy of 2004. Brooks Automation led the market in 2004 in both the Atmospheric and Vacuum Robotics sector with a 57% share, followed by Asyst Technologies. The market for Automated Material Handling Systems (AMHS) decreased only 4% in 2001 while the entire semiconductor industry plummeted. In 2003 there was another drop of 19% while the front-end equipment market increased 4.2%. The sector grew 72.9% in 2004 to $517 mln.