European financial and communications sector are the largest IT buyers

According to IDC, the midsize market (100?499 employees) offers the best opportunities for IT vendors in Western Europe. By industry, the financial sector (banking, other finance, and insurance) and communications are the hottest sectors with the highest percentage of IT-oriented users. IT-oriented users (19%) show the highest propensity to invest in the short term and remain the most attractive segment. Wait-and-see users have few plans to continue investing in the next 12 months, and they represent some 28.5% of the sample. Laggards (29.5%) are the largest segment; they currently have the lowest IT engagement and the lowest IT propensity to invest in the short term. Fast followers (23%) have basic IT infrastructures but are willing to start investing in the short term. The following figure shows a breakdown of the Western European SMB cluster size.