Employed college grads spend 6% of their time on TV, unemployed high school grads spend 17%

Average Americans spend 11% of their life in front of a TV screen, 35% sleeping and 33% at work. US Bureau of Labor Statistics data goes on to show that working mothers with young children have only about three hours of leisure time a day, teens aged 15-19 sleep an average 9.4 hours a day, beating the 75+ segment by more than 20 minutes a day, teenagers spend only seven minutes a day reading paper-based personal interest materials, the 75+ group has the most hours of leisure time at eight, and read for 72 minutes a day for personal interest. College educated workers spend 6% of their hours a day watching TV, while consumers with a high-school diploma but no job spend 17%. Teens are active 40 minutes a day on physical activity, people from age 35 on spend 15 minutes or less, consumers with bachelor’s degrees or higher tend to do more.