EMEA WLAN market up 9.3% in Q4 2004

IDC says EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) WLAN market increased by 9.3% in Q4 2004 compared to Q3 2004, reaching total revenue of $382.1 million. WLAN client revenue increased by 27% while revenue for WLAN infrastructure only increased by 0.8%. Although a growing number of laptops and desktops are already being shipped with preinstalled WLAN connections, vendors of PCI adapters and USB receivers experienced positive growth during this quarter, which indicates that more desktops are being attached to a wireless network. Netgear experienced a successful quarter and was able to increase its market share by 2.9%, and is now the EMEA WLAN market leader. D-Link increased its share by 0.5% and now holds second position, while Siemens lost market share in Q4 2004 but continues to be the clear market leader in Germany.