EMEA router market up 4.5% in Q4 2004

In Q4 2004 the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) router market started to grow again after two quarters of decline. In Q4 2004 the router market grew by 4.5% to $974.0 mln, compared to $931.9 mln in Q3 2004. Revenue in the high-end segment, the largest router segment, was up 9.1% to $366.2 mln in Q4 2004. The second largest router segment, small SOHO, which includes wireless routers, increased slightly with 3.0% from $265.4 mln in Q3 2004 to $272.8 mln in Q4 2004. Cisco’s market share and revenues declined in the Q3 2004 – Q4 2004 period. During this period, Cisco’s revenue declined by 1.7% to $538.6 mln, compared to $548.1mln in Q3 2004, and the company’s total router market share declined from 58.8% in Q3 2004 to 55.3% in Q4 2004.