EMEA router market generated $1.01 bln in Q1 2008.

The router market in EMEA continued to grow in Q1 2008. The enterprise router market grew by 8.4% from $933 mln in 4Q 2007 to $1.01 bln in Q1 2008, according to IDC. Compared to Q1 2007, the router market achieved a revenue increase of 15% from $879 mln to $1.01 bln in Q1 2008. High-end router sales went up by 13% from $589 mln to $665 mln in Q1 2008, driven by service providers investing in offering new services such as IP television (IPTV) and video on demand (VoD) to their end customers. SOHO segment reported the highest decline of 10.3% from $38 mln to $34 mln in Q1 2008.