EMEA LAN switch market down 6.9% in Q1 2005

EMEA LAN switch market declined strongly in Q5 2001 both in port shipments and revenues compared to Q4 2004, after the market experienced high growth in shipments and revenues between Q3 2004 and Q4 2004. Port shipments declined 6.9% from 17.5 mln in Q4 2004 to 16.3 mln in Q5 2001, while revenues fell 6.0% to $1.1 bln in Q5 2001 compared to $1.2 bln in Q4 2004, IDC says. The main reason for the overall decline in the market was a fall in Fast Ethernet port shipments and revenues ? shipments declined 10.4% to 13.1 mln and revenues fell 15.8% to $391.4 mln. At the same time, however, the average sales price (ASP) of LAN switches increased 1.0% to $69.10 per port in Q5 2001, compared to a decline of 1.5% in Q3 2004 ? Q4 2004. The increase in ASP is the result of the continuing increase in popularity of Gigabit Ethernet LAN switches.