Egyptian PC market down 0.4% in 2004

According to IDC, 2004 Egyptian PC shipments dipped 0.4% in units and 4.8% in revenue. By contrast, the mobile form factor jumped a substantial 17.5% in volume and 14.2% in revenue, representing an increasing proportion of the overall Egyptian PC market. The x86 segment also expanded, but accounted for less than 2% of the total market. IDC expects the Egyptian market to rebound, with shipment volume increasing by an annual average of 18.5% through 2009. Desktops again dominated the Egyptian PC market in 2004, accounting for more than 90% of unit shipments. While the government program a “PC for Every Home” lost some momentum last year, it should boost desktop sales in 2005, which IDC expects to jump by nearly 12% in units.