E-mail security market to generate $5.5 bln by 2010

The market for email security will grow to $5.5 bln by 2010, up from $3.7 bln 2005, according to Ferris Research. E-mail security revenues are increasing by almost 25% a year. However, this high rate of growth will not continue past 2007, as revenues will level off. The overall market for email security products and services in 2005 will consist of 450 mln users. Business users, who currently number 170 mln, will account for more than half of this amount ($2 bln). The consumer market for email security products in 2005 will be $1.8 bln, rising to more than $2.75 bln by 2010. Customers are increasingly seeking a single-vendor solution for their email security needs. This contrasts starkly with the best-of-breed approach prevalent 12 to 24 months ago.