E-mail delivery rates for editorial newsletters reach 97.6% in Q1 2005

BigFoot Interactive reported on delivery rates for e-mail messages and newsletters across several industries. Online account service messaging such as bill payment/presentment and balance transfers continue as primary drivers of high success rates. In fact, Service messaging represented the second highest delivery rate across tracked industries, 96.8%, and had an average click-through rate of 22.8% (up 3.1% versus Q1 2004 and 9.2% from Q4 2004).- For the third consecutive quarter, retail and catalog marketers saw overall delivery rates between 94% and 95%. Marketers’ campaigns elicited strong consumer interest and response at the inbox, with automated, well-crafted, messaging spurring healthy, overall click through rates comparable to Q4 2004 (4.5%).

Editorial newsletters brought the highest delivery rates of 97.6% (an improvement from both last quarter and the same period last year) and strong click-through rates averaging 11.6%. The continued strong performance of these campaigns were influenced in most part through the use of relevant dynamic content within existing newsletter efforts. Auto marketers kept a focus on service, newsletters and new promotional product launches and are doing an increasingly better job at being relevant, as evidenced by a 21.2% spike in overall click-throughs versus same period last year.