DVR penetration to reach 41% by 2009

Forrester Research surveyed 588 DVR (digital video recorder) users to find out that 66% actually use the primary DVR features (ability to record the show for later use), while whopping 92% said they skip the ads when playing the digital recording. However, 75% of them said they watch ads at least sometimes, with movie trailers and TV teasers being the top advertisings not skipped. What about the great mortgage deals, new credit card offers and fabulous new car discoutns? Among those who did actually watch ads only 10% said they paid attention to any of those topics.

Ad exposure dropped 54% among DVR users. Fewer than 2% of DVR users returned their DVR for a refund. Forrester said it estimates that DVR penetration is currently about 5% of TV homes, and the researcher sees that figure rising to 41% within five years.