DVR families watch 5.7 hours of TV a day, regular families – 5.1 hours

Nearly 8% of US homes use a DVR, with that number expected to grow to 39% by 2010. On average, homes with a DVR watched 5.7 hours of television daily compared with 5.1 hours for homes without the device, CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, the WB and UPN survey said. DVR households still watch about 90% of their television at original broadcast time, while the remaining 10% that is recorded favor the most popular broadcast programs during a given season. While 90% of viewers surveyed said they skipped all or most commercials when they watched a show played back on DVR, the networks’ research showed 58% paid attention to the commercials in a fast-forward mode and 53% have gone back to watch an ad that interested them.