During primetime 45% watch specific TV shows, 6% play videogames

The term “primetime” is over-used in the TV world to imply the widest audience available. But what do people do during primetime and what are their reasons for turning on the television set? Knowledge Networks surveys tells the story. 41% of primetime viewers turn on the TV to watch a specific show most of the time. 45% of primetime TV viewers are watching TV by themselves, (versus 31% a decade ago). 47% of viewers switch channels during some part of a program (most commonly because a program ends or to skip a commercial) as compared to 33% in 1994. The proportion of viewers doing other things (such as talking, snacking or reading) while watching primetime TV has increased slightly since 1994, from 67% to 75%. 47% of the respondents believe that primetime advertising is better than other daypart advertising at making them aware of new products. Videogame use during primetime increased from 1% to 6% in the past ten years.