DSL aggregation hardware revenues up 14% in 2004

DSL aggregation hardware revenues were up 14% to $1.4 bln in Q4 2004, with ports increasing 11% in Q3 2004 and 9% in Q4 2004. For 2004 the revenues were up 8% to more than $5 bln, and ports increasing by 18% over 2003. Alcatel was the market leader in both revenue and ports shipped, with Huawei a distant second. Infonetics predicts the number of ports to rise by less than 10% annually through 2008, and revenue growth to slip slightly this year before leveling off. The DSL subscriber base in the United States grew by 41% in 2004, reaching close to 17 mln, while the global market grew 68% to reach 97 mln in the same period. Infonetics expects the number of DSL subscribers worldwide to reach 190 mln by 2008.