Digital camera sales to rise 13% in 2005

Digital camera sales will rise 13% in 2005. Photo Marketing Association International says 52% of households will own a digital camera by the end of 2005. Many consumers are already on their second digital camera purchase, suggesting the market is maturing earlier than expected, according to IDC. The average cost of a lab-produced 4×6 print in 2004 was 30 cents, down from 61 cents in 2000. A projected 26 bln photo prints will be made in 2005, down from 30.3 bln in 2000. Film-developing revenue will tumble to a projected $3.9 bln for 2005 from 2000’s $6.2 bln. Some 150 mln camera phones sold worldwide last year, compared with 64 mln digital cameras.