Czech disk storage market up 13% in 2005

Revenue from disk storage in the Czech Republic climbed by nearly 13% to almost $99 mln in 2005 and will rise by more than 19% in 2006. While shipments increased by just under 7%, capacity soared by 71.5% to more than 6,000 terabytes as data continued to flood organizations across the country. Internal storage made up a third of disk storage market value in 2004, but according to IDC, this share fell to just over a fifth in 2005. This came with a concomitant 29.2% drop in revenue. By contrast, revenue from external systems jumped by more than 34%, with the market for both storage area networks (SANs) and network attached storage more than doubling in 2005. While NAS started from a relatively low base, SAN became the technology of choice on the market, accounting for more than half of revenue. Despite demand for external storage, the market for direct attached storage contracted in 2005, and DAS dropped from just under half of revenue to 41% in 2005.