CPU market shares in Q1 2008: Intel – 78.9%, AMD – 20.9%

In terms of processor vendor shares, Intel experienced a small gain over AMD in Q1 2008. On an overall unit basis, Intel earned 78.9% market share, a gain of 2.2%. AMD earned 20.9% market share, a loss of 2.2%, according to IDC. Similar shifts in market share were evident by form factor. In the mobile processor segment, Intel earned 85.3% market share, a gain of 3.4%, and AMD captured 14.5%, a loss of 3.3%. In the PC server processor segment, Intel earned 87.0% share, a gain of 1.6%, while AMD earned 13.0%, a loss of 1.6% share. Finally, in the desktop PC processor segment, Intel captured 73.1% share, an increase of 1.0%, and AMD earned 26.7% share, a loss of 1.0%.